Our research in the art of goldsmithing has always aimed at perfection.

 In the land of saints, of religious processions, where popular beliefs draw undefined boundaries with faith, there is a strong connection with a higher, spiritual dimension, which wants to attribute a profound set of meanings to jewelry.

 Our master Giovambattista Spadafora has always worked in this context, distinguishing himself for his particular sensitivity to sacred art. In more than sixty years of activity, in fact, he has created over one hundred and fifty crowns to adorn the head of Madonnas and Children and has received countless awards of international value.

 All this made him famous as the Goldsmith of the Madonnas, allowing him, several times, to visit the Vatican, to personally deliver his creations to the Pope.

The goldsmith of the Madonnas

“The most moving encounter was with Pope Wojtyla in 1984 in Cosenza, when I created a golden crown with which the Pope crowned the Madonna della Catena.

 He understood how moved I was and said to me: “Dear brother Giovambattista, you have done a splendid thing, you have worked with faith and it is not for everyone to build a work of this kind piece by piece and in a meticulous way. This is something made with the heart.”

Giovambattista Spadafora

“We like to think of sacred art as an inspired goldsmith's art and our immense dedication guides us”.

The creations of sacred art require great competence, meticulous knowledge of the techniques, mastery and a lot of dedication.

 The desire to fascinate through the practices of the past which, following the changes in goldsmith production, in a continuous dialogue between traditions and the future, allow the creation of unique works of “inspired” goldsmith art, as our master likes to say.

 And still today, together with the master Spadafora, it is his sons who carry on the tradition and the spirit that animated the goldsmith of the Madonnas.


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