In Venice the Starlight International Cinema Award 2022.

Let’s go back to Venice on the red carpet of the international Venice Cinema exhibition with our brand Spadafora Gioielli and its CEO, Giuseppe Spadafora. For some time now, the prestigious Calabrian jewelry firm has been a partner of the Starlight International Cinema Award which, this year cuts the ribbon of the IX edition, becoming an essential point of reference for the world of art and culture worldwide.

From the Awards to the Career to Aurora Quattrocchi (she recently impressed everyone with her performance in ‘Nostalgia’ by Martone) and Paolo Virzì, to the male revelation Leonardo Maltese in ‘The Lord of the Ants’ by Gianni Amelio, awarded as the best film. Best actor Tommaso Ragno, an interpreter from so much work. Many have known her internationally for “My Life Without Me” (2003), with her fetish actress Sarah Polley, Isabel Coixet is a director, producer and screenwriter and received the Starlight Best International Artist Award.

‘Ennio’ by Giuseppe Tornatore the Best Documentary Award, collected by the associate producer Gisella Marengo and the producers. An award also to ‘La voglia matta di vivere’ by Ricky Tognazzi on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of his father Ugo Tognazzi, an unforgettable actor.

A special mention to the Career at Rino Barillari, also from Calabria, for

having been able to tell, with undisputed mastery, the international cinema that is

passed for Rome in the years of dolce vita.

Among the noteworthy events to be reported in this 79th edition of the Exhibition of the

Venice cinema, the award of the Mimmo Rotella Foundation award to Oliver

Stone for his documentary Nuclear, presented out of competition at the Exhibition of the Cinema

Peppe Spadafora with Oliver Stone

The Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award, dedicated to the fruitful relationship

among the languages of Cinema and Art, born in 2001 by the will of the great artist

Calabrian Mimmo Rotella (Catanzaro 1918 – Milan 2006) is another

testimony of the beautiful Calabria that is made known all over the world through

the stage that offers the international film exhibition of Venice.

For us it is always a unique emotion to be in Venice and a great pride to show the world our creations appreciated for their charm and uniqueness.

Through this event we wish to convey a message of positivity that we have continued to express even during these last years characterized by uncertainty and change. We like to think that every experience we live, every journey that awaits us is unique: we look forward with hope and we would like to convey our enthusiasm aiming to contribute to a precious future, so that everyone can live a little piece of our reality.

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