G.B. Spadafora sponsor of the premiere of the Franco Nero film.

Peppe Spadafora with director Franco Nero and actor Kevin Spacey.

Many guests from the world of entertainment present at the premiere, including: Pupi and Antonio Avati, Mita Medici, Liliana Cavani, Barbara Bouchet accompanied by her husband Luigi Borghese, Cristiano Malgioglio, Lorena Bianchetti, Ludovico Fremont, Sebastiano Somma.

Commenting on the evening Peppe Spadafora reiterated the joy of sponsoring this event that increases the combination between the GBSpadafora brand and the world of cinema that comes from afar: from the many meetings with stars of the big screen already held by Maestro Giovambattista, to the most recent catwalks in which Peppe and Giancarlo Spadafora have often taken part. Among the most important events, of course, the kermesse of the Venice Film Festival with the creation for several years, by now, of the International Starlight Cinema Award.

In addition, Peppe reiterated the honor to contribute to the presentation of a film that comes to the theaters with enthusiastic comments from critics.

“The man who drew God tells the story of Emanuele (Black-Franco), an elderly and lonely blind artist, who teaches in evening schools and has a little-known ability: despite blindness he manages to portray anyone, only by listening to his voice. The only people who know about this dowry of his are Pola (Stefania Rocca), his social worker, and his students.

In his quiet life come two African immigrants, Maria (Wehazit Efrem Abrham) and his daughter Iaia (Isabel Ciammaglichella), who go to live with him in exchange for help with the house. While she is doing a portrait of Iaia, the girl records everything with her smartphone and uploads the video of Emanuele portraying her online. In a short time the elderly artist immediately goes viral and is contacted by many curious people and the media, in particular by a TV show. But with popularity, problems will also come…

A film that tells of our time, of loneliness but above all of how what is ‘special and different’ finds it difficult to be understood and accepted.

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